Dawn Michael's is the owner of DMC Sound. She began her quest of being a disc jockey at 16 years old. She was born with the gift to understand the power of music and has used that gift for over 25 years as pioneer in the entertainment industry.

Initially, Michael's began her career as a singer performing with numerous wedding bands. Eventually, she brought her amazing vocal talent and experience to the mobile disc jockey industry. From being a live vocalist to playing music of the past and present, Michael's truly stands out as a mobile disc jockey entertainer.

Throughout Michael's career, she has been fortunate to work with some of the music industries greatest talents while running one of New York City's most famous recording studios known as the HIT FACTORY.

Michael's had the honor of working with music legends such as Vanessa Williams, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross and many more. Most recently, Michael's had the pleasure of making her debut in the off Broadway show, "My Big Gay Italian Funeral," starring as Fanny Zuchaitti.

In addition to running DMC Sound, Michael's works with many charitable organizations such as On Your Mark, benefitting children with severe disabilities; Louie's Legacy, an organization that rescues animals and Autism Awareness.

As mentioned in Plato's quote, “Music gives soul to the universe” For Michael's, being able to share her gift and do what she loves is priceless and she is profoundly grateful.

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